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Lavinia Rogobete

After earning her PhD in Physics from ETH, Lavinia Rogobete ventured into the dynamic world of Data Science, spending over a decade navigating through the realms of telecommunications and health insurance.

Take a glimpse into her world and dive deeper into the realms of technology and beyond!

Get to know Lavinia

Your career at a glance

After graduating from ETH with a PhD in Physics, I worked as a Data Scientist for twelve years in the telecommunication and health insurance industries. Currently, I am a Product Owner in the banking industry—another major change.

Describe yourself in 3 words

  • Hearty
  • Passionate
  • Abstract thinker

On a scale of 1 to 5, where are you today in life?

On a scale of 1 to 5, where are you today in your career?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how happy are you today with your life?

Your favourite book?

While I can’t name a single best book, I’ve enjoyed many. Currently, I’m particularly drawn to Lyudmila Ulitskaya for her descriptive prowess in depicting characters, situations, and historical events. Additionally, ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Bulgakov has left a lasting impact on me for challenging of reality perspectives.

Your favourite quote?

Here are some quotes I’ve enjoyed: ‘Everything will turn out right, the world is built on that’ and ‘There is no greater misfortune in the world than the loss of reason,’ both from ‘The Master and Margarita’ by M. Bulgakov.

Another favorite is ‘If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change,’ from ‘The Leopard’ by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.

What childhood passion have you lost in adulthood?

As a child and young girl, I spent my holidays in a remote village in Romania with my sister and grandparents. This world, rich in emotions, with a thin border between reality and magic, full of legends and living spirits, is something I feel I have lost—and perhaps it is lost. While not a passion per se, it was a vivid source of life’s emotions and inspiration.

Which passion or pastime will you never let go of?

I don’t take things for granted; I do enjoy questioning and seeking deep understanding. If this can be defined as a passion :).

Your dream of a completely different second career?

If I were retiring tomorrow and contemplating a completely different second career, I would reflect on the diverse experiences I’ve enjoyed throughout my life. While I’ve pursued what I liked at different moments, life’s journey has led me down various professional paths. However, I find myself yearning for a deeper sense of expertise in my current role. Perhaps transitioning towards a career closer to science and research would have been a more fulfilling choice at certain points in my journey…

Cut loose from all strings, what would you like to do with your life?

I would dedicate my life to making the people around me happy.

"I am driven by the opportunity to advance in projects and by the challenge of making complex concepts clear and finding solutions to problems."

Lavinia’s career

Your work motivations?

I find my greatest motivation in seeing the people I work with satisfied with the results they receive from me. Additionally, I am driven by the opportunity to advance in projects by the challenge of making complex concepts clear and by finding solutions to difficult problems.

Your family’s contribution to your career?

My family is the un-exhausted source of inspiration, courage and joy, playing the vital role for my well-being, my fulfillment and my career. I am deeply grateful to my husband to have always showed an un-alterated trust in my power and for boosting my self confidence. By sharing similar educational background and career paths, we do enjoy very inspirational and supportive discussions.

The biggest obstacles to career growth in our industry?

I believe that one of the biggest obstacles to career growth in our industry lies in the evolving definitions and trends of measuring performance. It's essential to consider individuals holistically, taking into account the various stages of life and adjusting expectations accordingly.

Your biggest obstacles facing the technology industry?

Myself 😊

What have you gotten noticed for throughout your career?

I've been recognized for my driving force and innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.

The major accelerators for success in our field?

I believe that the success comes if you do not look for it, but keep refreshing your passion in what you do.

What question do you get asked most often in your line of work?

I often get asked, 'Is it possible to do this? By when?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation, as well as engaging with people.

Your role models and mentors?

I believe I found my mentors during my school and student years, a crucial time for laying the foundation. There were a few teachers who greatly encouraged me and willingly invested their time in training me and other students. Additionally, during my university years in Bucharest, I had the opportunity to listen to the last intellectuals who had survived the communist prisons. Their life testimonies and insights into the value of life left a profound impact on me. Lastly, my parents were the best mentors I could have asked for during my studies.

Your golden piece of advice to young women starting out in technology

In what you engage, do it wholeheartedly, keep it feminine - the women do bring a complementary vision to mens, and don’t forget to give priority building a beautiful family.

What is your leadership style?

As a Product Owner, I have taken on leadership responsibilities. I resonate with the concept of a servant leader, and I strive to embody this approach in my leadership style.

Which supporting skills have helped you most as a leader?

I believe that fostering trust and maintaining transparency can lay a solid foundation for effective leadership.

How have you gained commitment from your team?

Thus far, by being one of them.

How has being a woman affected your career?

While studying Physics, I’ve enjoyed a privileged ‘rara avis’ position as a woman. Further, along the career journey, finding the right balance between being a mother of three children and building on the career at the same time, was challenging. The men are part of the same equation here and their career is also challenged. We opted for substantial help (not institutional) in raising the children and kept very flexible in setting the priorities, depending on the course of family life and career.

Would you recommend a career in technology to young girls?


"I believe that fostering trust and maintaining transparency can lay a solid foundation for effective leadership.”

Let’s get technical

Explain the technology that drives your current business.

Our goal is to transition our highly complex IT system to the Cloud.

What is technology for you?

A convenient means to meet our needs.

What are your views on future technology trends?

Self-driving cars and renewable energy are two transformative technologies that hold immense potential for shaping the future. Self-driving cars represent a revolution in transportation, promising increased safety, efficiency, and convenience. On the other hand, renewable energy sources offer sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, mitigating environmental impacts and advancing towards a greener future.

In your opinion, what is the greatest technological invention and why?

In my opinion, one of the greatest technological inventions is the ability to transport information through means of electrons (such as electricity, computers, and the internet) and later photons (as seen in quantum computing, for example). This invention has revolutionized communication and connectivity, facilitating rapid exchange of data and knowledge across vast distances. It has reshaped countless aspects of our lives, from how we conduct business to how we connect with others and access information, ultimately driving progress and innovation on a global scale.

Rate these technologies from highest to least impact on business.

  1. AI
  2. Chat GPT
  3. Security
  4. Human-like robots
  5. 6G
  6. Blockchain
  7. Edge cloud
  8. Smart concepts (cities, buildings, …)
  9. Smartphones
  10. 3D printing
  11. Social Media
  12. IoT

Can technology do good for society, or would it be better off without it? Explain.

Yes, it can be beneficial when approached with the right balance and expectations.

How do you keep your technology skills up to date?

I stay current with training programs and engage in discussions with my husband and lately with my children.

Your favourite and least favourite technology products?

Social networking can be my favourite and my least favourite technology at the same time.

The woman behind the technology

What makes each human unique?

The love and dedication that each individual can give.

What is the relationship between the mind and the body?

They belong together, working in tandem to serve and empower each other. If one fails, the entire system is affected. It's a profound relationship, and sometimes I fear that we operate with a limited understanding of its full potential.

"My family is an un-exhausted source of inspiration, courage and joy, playing the vital role for my well-being, my fulfillement and my career."

This or that?

Read the instruction manual

Just figure it out

Early adopter

Proven enthusiast





Fail at something

Never attempt it

Listen to the mind

Listen to the body




Physical book

Flying cars

Personal robots




Phone call

Brainstorming session

Solo research

Packed lunch


Work late

Start early

High Heels