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Yasmine Benelhadj

“Invest your time smartly and never give up,” that is Data Scientist Yasmine Belhadj’s golden piece of advice to young women starting out in technology. As a data scientist and artificial intelligence enthusiast, she is interested in all kinds of technologies and loves analysing data to extract hidden patterns and training models.

Yasmine Benelhadj2024-07-05T16:01:56+02:00

Stella Dineva

Dive into the world of cybersecurity with Stella Dineva, a seasoned expert boasting over 16 years of hands-on experience. With a rich background in both the financial and pharmaceutical sectors, Stella brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Read about her expertise in her High Tech in High Heels profile.

Stella Dineva2024-04-29T09:19:57+02:00

Pernille Laage Andersen

With a dynamic journey spanning the Telco and IT sectors, Pernille has consistently embraced innovation and transformational challenges, sculpting her career amidst the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Read all about her insatiable appetite for growth and her relentless pursuit of opportunities in her High Tech in High Heels profile.

Pernille Laage Andersen2024-04-05T09:25:27+02:00

Anne Nørklit Lønborg

Welcome to the profile of a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience spanning global, Nordic, and Danish companies. Currently serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Tryg, where digital and organisational transformation is the name of the game, our featured leading lady also plays a pivotal role as a board member of Mærsk Broker, orchestrating the harmonious convergence of business and digital strategies.

Anne Nørklit Lønborg2024-01-03T15:22:22+01:00

Alma Aretti

In her career, Alma has gotten noticed for her availability and her capacity to work in a team. But mixing family with the high demands of a successful career isn't always easy. Read Alma's High Tech in High Heels profile and find out which passion she will never let go of.

Alma Aretti2024-01-10T16:02:27+01:00
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